Should I Ship My Car It OR Drive It?

Here are some scenarios where people will come up with the decision of driving or shipping your vehicle:

  • Your job just transferred you to a new state
  • You decided to move
  • You bought a car on Ebay or Internet (thousands do yearly)
  • Your child is going away to college and needs a car
  • You vacation at your favorite sunny spot and would like to have your vehicle the few months you are there.
  • Your car broke down in the middle of nowhere and you’ll like it back home to have your mechanic look at it.
  • You got a great deal at the auto auction and now need to get it home.
  • You’re a car dealership and need to send the car to your customer
  • If driving isn’t part of the equation in any of these scenarios, you have other options.
  • You work for a freight forwarder and need to send the vehicle to the port or a final destination you do not cover.Driving it yourself: One of the biggest factors in this decision is your time. Driving your vehicle to the new destination will take several days. You’ll be driving and making stops for meals and at a hotel to sleep for a few days. Also, tale into account all the delays than can affect your drive such as traffic, accidents, road construction, weather…etc. It can take you longer than expected. Ask yourself how much is your time is worth. Another factor is safety. As you know, being on the road has its risk of accidents even when you’re a safe driver. Lastly is the wear and tear of your vehicle and cost of fuel accrued from this trip.Shipping your car: Professional car carriers have the right equipment, training and licensing for the job. They are familiar with the route, conditions and are used to dealing with any kind of contingency. A professional company such as. National Car Transport, can even make arrangements for the pick-up and delivery without you personally being at either end.

    Conclusion: Go ahead and make a call. 800-320-1050, with an experience and accredited company such as, National Car Transport to receive a quote on the cost of shipping your car. After you’ve received your quote compare to the financial cost including your time of driving it yourself. Most people conclude they’ll be better off of getting the vehicle quickly, safely, no wear and tear and saving in the long run when shipping it with a professional car shipping company such as National Car Transport. Our company takes your time and situation into consideration and make shipping your vehicle simple, easy, affordable and reliable.

  • Note: Be careful when shopping for the lowest price. Some companies tell you about the surcharges AFTER they’ve received your non-refundable deposit.”  It’s important you find out how many years the company has been in business. If they are accredited by the Better, Business Bureau and other verified associates like Angie’s list. You want to make sure you’re dealing with an accredited, experienced company with a high rating that will give you all the information upfront. It’s worth to do a bit of homework on the company before signing up.This can save you lots of headaches and money in the long run. National Car Transport has been in the transport industry for 20 years and holds an A+ rating with a Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Our customer’s trust their vehicles to us year after your do to our experience and expertise. Give us a call and speak to our agents today, 800-320-1050.