We have over 20 years of transportation experience here ready to serve you. Whether is your first time shipping your own vehicle or you're in the business of getting vehicles to and from. We pay attention to each and every transport as excellence is in the details. Our motto is when experience and expertise matters and in the auto transport industry, experience and expertise is of the up-most importance. Unfortunately, some customers find this out a little too late after booking with a newbie company. We not only will give you the best competitive rate on your route, but you will avoid all headaches that can occur from lack of experience. Our job is to make it easy and simple for you to ship your car, motorcycle, boat or heavy equipment. We have earned the trust of our customers who have shipped their vehicle to and from their seasonal destination year after year. We want to earn yours too. We cover the entire country offering door to door car shipping in open or enclosed trailers. Your car will be shipped safely and arrive on a timely manner. When you call our auto transport agents, you will not just get a rate. They will ask brief but important questions to make sure we know what your priorities are and set the right expectations and service to meet your needs. Our auto transport service is safe, reliable, simple and affordable. We cover the entire United States including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Call us for international shipments, as we are constantly adding new destinations around the world.

National Car Transport provides a flat-rate which includes all cost of shipping your vehicle nationwide. Including all taxes, tolls and insurance. Meaning no-hidden fees, no surprises. You will not be billed until your vehicle has been assigned to a truck. Once its assigned only a small portion of the shipment is billed to a credit card. The remainder of the payment is then collected once the driver delivers your vehicle. Our auto transport services are catered to: individuals, private corporations, military personnel, auto dealerships, auto traders, auto auctions, Ebay buyers and sellers, freight forwarder and logistic companies, police stations, relocation companies, auto trade shows, boat shows, motorcycle shows, heavy equipment companies, specialty vehicles companies, movie production companies,  port pick ups and deliveries, classic collection groups and many more.  As experts in the auto transport industry, our philosophy is to be a partner in your auto transport experience. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions. If you've received a quote by email, please give us your quote number to serve you in a quicker manner. We have agents that also speak Spanish and Portuguese. We also offer live chat here on our site and there's a link within your quote to book your order online anytime.

We serve the military proudly


Who we are is whom we serve!

We are grateful and proud to render our auto transport service to the men and women who serve our country. We want to give you one less thing to worry about at an affordable rate. We can ship any type of vehicle to any base, port or landmark. If you can’t be at the specific pick up or delivery locations, that’s fine with us. Just give us the names of who we can contact and phone numbers and we can pick up and delivery without you there. We make this process as easy as possible, so you can take car of other important things. Whether you are in the Armed Forces, Marines, Air Force, government position or volunteer with Freedom Corps, we are here to take care of you vehicle transport needs. No matter where you transporting your vehicle, we cover all 50 states including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, ST. Thomas, ST. Croix and many other international destinations. You just make one call, get an all-inclusive rate and leave the rest to us.

Transport your vehicle from your summer and winter homes

Snowbird Season is here! We are based out of Sunny Florida and have transported the same family’s vehicles year after year. Coming into Florida and when going back to the Northeast. Whether you want us to pick up at a home, condo, office, hotel or any landmark, we can do it! We will be at your door, to and from, and can pick up any size vehicle, motorcycles and even non-running vehicles. That is hassle free door to door auto transportation services. You relax enjoy the sun, and leave shipping your car to and from to us. We are a licensed, bonded and insured with courteous professional service and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Moving? We can help you transport your vehicles

Couple Stand With Their Young Daughter on the Lawn of Their Bungalow, In Front Of a Sold Sign
Congratulations! You just sold your home. Now the much anticipating move happens. Whether you have 1 or 10 vehicles to transport from any city and State to any city and state in the U.S.A. or other international destinations, call us. It’s as easy as getting the best auto shipping rate from us with the service that delivers at that rate. Just let us know when the vehicles will be ready for pick up and where to ship them to. Even if you do not have the exact address at the time of booking, do not worry. You can still make the reservation and reserve the spot and give us the rest when it becomes available. We want to make this auto transport one less headache for you to worry about.

Buying a vehicle in another state?

You finally found the car of your dreams, only it's in Miami, FL and you are in Seattle, WA. No matter where you are and where your dream vehicle is located, we can get transport that vehicle from here to there safely and in a timely fashion. If it’s at a dealership, just let us know the contact person and the last 4 digits of the vin # and leave the rest to us. We will be at your destination door with your new vehicle in no time. If it’s a classic or exotic vehicle you just purchased, we recommend you use our enclosed carrier transport.

We can help at auctions

OK, so you’re the highest bidder. Now what? Call us 800-750-5875. We specialize in picking up at auctions site. Give us your buyer number, vin#; location and where to deliver. We’ll send our carrier in a flash and have it deliver to your door. If you are shipping international and want to have it deliver to a port, we can do that too. Let this process go smoothly with a company who’s experienced with auctions and vehicle transport.

eBay shipping? No problem!

After your heart stops racing from winning that eBay auction OR even before you bid call us! We can give you an affordable, but realistic rate of what it will cost to ship the eBay vehicle to you, so you can consider it in your highest bid price. We handle calls daily for Ebay Auction quotes. It’s nice when they won the auction and call back to reserve the spot for their new vehicle. The driver will do Free pre and post inspection of the vehicle(s) upon pick up and delivery to make sure we delivery the vehicle in the same condition that the vehicle was pick up in.

Hawaii and back

Moving to the paradise Island and want your car to go with you? Lucky you. Or, even if you’re coming back to the states from Hawaii, we can help too. We ship any vehicle to any of the Hawaiian islands from any state and back. With our company, it’s just a matter of a phone call. No worries, Aloha!

Alaska and back

Lots going on in Alaska lately. We handle transporting your car from any U.S. state to Anchorage Alaska or for an extra fee to an exact Alaska destination. Coming back from Alaska to the U.S? We have the best rates for any size vehicle. No hassle, just one call and we’ll handle the rest.

Relocating made easy

So you or your spouse just got the news you have to relocate. You have probably done it before and it was a pain. You can check off you list, Ship Car. Even if your moving dates change, or you do not have an exact address, that’s ok. You can still reserve the spot on our carrier to get the best rate and call us later with more information when it becomes available to you. Ship more than one vehicle at a time and get a discount on the overall rate. Whether you are relocating this week, next month or next year, you can reserve the spot now. We will email you the confirmation of your order and you can add information as needed.

Port transport made easy

Transporting to a port? Yes, we have the drivers with the right permits and license to enter ports. Just give us your port reservation number and contact and we will have our driver pick the vehicle up to and from the port of origin. Not all carriers have the expertise and correct permits, be sure to deal with a company that has experience. Call us with any questions 800-750-5875

We work with dealerships also!

We service large loads from dealers too. Have 1 or 300 vehicles to transport. We can do the job. Just give us the year, make, model of vehicles, location and the time frame you are working with. We’ll give you one flat rate so you can include it in your cost and we’ll handle the rest. Transporting cars has never been so easy.

You can trust your classic with us

Your classic dream vehicle is here! We are here to deliver it to you. We recommend only Enclosed for Classic or Exotic vehicle transport. These vehicles are handled with extra T.L.C that enclosed shipping offers to prevent damage from outside elements. We do a high volume on enclosed vehicle transport and can pick up and delivery anywhere in the U.S.A. Trust your wheel on us!

Car doesn't run? We can still transport it!


So it’s a beauty, but it does not run. Do not worry. We can still ship it to you. We have drivers with winches or flat beds that can pick up and deliver these inoperable beauties. Just let us know how the car in inoperable to be able to send the correct carrier. Whether its 30 miles on 3,000miles we can still ship it to you in one piece door to door direct.
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