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Importance of the Car Shipping Condition Report or Bill of Lading (BOL)

The car shipping condition report or most commonly called in the industry as a bill of lading, is a detailed list of goods being shipped receipt given by the carrier to the shipper or person consigning the goods at the pick up and at delivery. You may see the abbreviation of “BOL” to refer to the Bill of Lading. In the car shipping industry it is used to record the existing external condition of the vehicle at the time of pick up before loading the vehicle. Also, it can be performed at any point where the vehicle is unloaded at terminal, yard or any point where it has been unloaded to be moved to another carrier or equipment during transit and it marked later at delivery. It is the most important document for insurance claim purposes for your car shipping service.

At a glance: Procedure for Car Shipping Pickup and Delivery

At pickup the driver and the person you designated to be at the pickup location will carefully inspect the vehicle and note any pre-existing scratches, dents and any other damage the vehicle may have.At delivery the driver and the person you designated to accept the vehicle will do an inspection.
On the condition report or bill of lading form there’s an picture of the vehicle. The driver will mark all pre-existing damages in the area where they are reflected in the picture.At the delivery inspection, If there are any NEW scratches, dents or other damages to your vehicle you MUST mark them on the, condition report, bill of lading in the correct area of the picture and write down in the field for exceptions/comments an exact description of the NEW damage. This document trumps any other documentation written or verbal as is the document the insurance companies require for a claim. You may also take pictures of your vehicle at pick up and at delivery.
It is highly recommended to tell the truck driver to record the current mileage of your vehicle’s odometer. It’s also recommended to take several pictures of the vehicle at pickup and again at delivery. Please check that the name of the carrier matches the name of the carrier we sent you. If unsure, call us to make sure you are handing your vehicle to the correct company.After the inspection, both the driver and delivery contact should sign the condition report, bill of lading and each keep a copy of it.
At the pick up, both the driver and pick up contact will sign the condition report, bill of lading.After the inspection has been completed, there is a c.o.d. balance due for the shipment. Legally you still must pay the trucker even if there is an issue with the vehicle. An insurance claim and payment of freight charges are two entirely different transactions.
If you disagree with what the  driver is marking, please call us for assistance at the time of pickup.At the time of delivery, if there is a disagreement or the driver insists that the process is done differently, Please call us.
  • It is your right to inspect your vehicle properly at the time of delivery.
  • It is your right to mark on the bill of lading any issues you find with your vehicle.
  • After inspection is done, legally you still must pay the trucker the transport fare, even if there is an issue with the vehicle. An insurance claim and payment of freight charges are two entirely different transactions.

Accidents and damages as a whole in the industry as a whole are not expected and not common as they are very experienced in loading and unloading vehicles, but they can happen.  In such an event filling out the documentation properly can save lots of time and stress and make the process of a claim go much more smoothly.  If you have any question or concerns feel free to contact National Car Transport for any of your car shipping needs.


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