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Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers

We make it easy! To get an quote for auto transport or car shipping, call 1-800-320-1050 or submit your information online.

Door-to-door auto transport is very convenient. You don’t have to go to a terminal to ship your car or accept delivery. National Car Transport picks up your vehicle right at your door step. It could be your home, office, landmark or any other address you desire. (Some pickup and delivery areas are subject to accessibility and local laws.) Get started and send a FREE Vehicle Transportation Quote now!

Yes, Next-day pick-ups are available based only on availability. A more secure way for a quick turn-around from the point reservation is the Expedited Service Call. For more information call 1-800-750-5875 or get an instant auto transportation quote online.

National Car Transport accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Paypal or Check which is to be submitted at the time you place your order for your deposit. The balance due upon delivery is by either cashier’s check, money order or cash.

We ask our customers to calculate the cost of gas, food, sleeping arrangements, planning time and actual transportation time and compare this cost with our rate. With National Car Transport our Flat all inclusive rate is financially less to transport your vehicle and a whole lot easier. Just making one phone call sets up your complete plan of pick up and delivery. We send you an email with the complete order for you to verify and Voila! Much easier and feasible than driving it yourself. Let us help you.

Yes, we do a FREE inspection at pick up noting the exact condition of the vehicle. If there’s any dents, scratches or any damage before we pick it up, it will be noted on the “Bill of Lading.”. This same free inspection will be done upon delivery, to assure that the vehicles is delivered in the same condition that it was picked it up in. If there’s any damage done during transport in must be noted on the bill of lading before you sign it.

To schedule your auto transport Call 800-750-5875 to schedule your car shipment or start your auto transport with our secure online start form. Have your quote number for faster service. You may also book online at anytime with the link within you emailed quote.

When we quote you our best competitive rates, we require a flexible pick up window for pickups and deliveries. For an additional fee, National Car Transport offers quicker pick-ups. We will always try to accommodate your dates and schedules with our quotes as best possible.

Dispatch times vary depending on origin and destination locations. For an better estimated vehicle transportation transit time quote, please call 1.800-750-5875. It is important to remember, drivers are limited by law to a specific number of miles and hours per day. Other variables that may affect transit times include deliveries along the way, severe weather and road conditions. To give you a good idea of an average time frame, coast to coast vehicle transport take 7-10 days and most other transport take around 5 days or sooner. Get started.

Please call the offices of National car transport immediately, same day. In most cases, we have only 7 days to file a claim and if not reported to us within 7 days we cannot offer assistance or be held responsible for any damage that might have occurred.

Additionally, you must clearly indicate any resulting damage that occurred during transport on the “Bill of Lading” before signing. Its very important that is noted on the bill of lading showing the proof of damage, as this document is forwarded to insurance company.

This practice is discouraged, as additional items may shift during transit, damaging the vehicle’s interior. National Car Transport is not liable for any damage caused by additional items during transit. Additional contents may also block the driver’s view when loading your vehicle or add additional weight to the vehicle.

Yes, we do. National Car Transport ships inoperable vehicles, motorcycles and specializes in shipping unusual vehicles, including exotic, specialty and classic automobiles. To Transport Inoperable vehicles they must roll, steer and brake and can be shipped for an additional $150 fee. If the vehicles is not in running condition, please make sure to mention it when booking the order as it needs to be dispatch correctly to avoid issues at pick up and or delivery.

To track your vehicle transport or get an update on your vehicle’s status, call 1.800-750-5875 or contact us.

Most vehicles are shipped on open car-carriers such as the ones we see in the highway transporting new cars to the dealers. These car-carriers usually will safely transport 8 to 12 vehicles on the trailers, but there are also smaller trailers or flatbeds that will transport smaller loads. For customers who are shipping custom, exotic, expensive cars, trucks or cars with low clearance such as exclusive sports cars, or simply don’t mind paying a little more, there are enclosed car-carriers, specially adapted for shipping specialty vehicles. These trailers practically ensure that the vehicle will not be damaged by road debris, and the vehicle will arrive at destination in the same, clean condition that it was in when shipped at origin.